Cookin' on the KawDe Soto, KS

BBQ Contest

1st Place Chicken, 1st Place Brisket and Overall Grand Champions

Burnt Finger competed at the 2015 Cookin’ on the Kaw barbecue contest in DeSoto, KS. The event started off a little rough for us when we discovered at 3:00 am that our fire had gone out sometime overnight. The pit was ice cold with the temperature probe reading 40 degrees. It ended up taking another hour to finally get some heat rolling.  Butts and briskets ended up going on at 4:00 am (an hour late) with the pit still about 100 degrees below target. To compensate we decided to ramp the pit up to 300 degrees to make up for lost time.

The next time we checked the pit was at 7:00 am. The meats were a little darker in appearance than we’re used to seeing, but both butts and the brisket were all sitting right at their target temps. That allowed us to back the pit temp down to the normal level and resume our standard timelines for ribs and chicken. We were back on track just as if nothing had ever happened!

Ultimately we made it through turn-ins without any further issues. Considering the setbacks we had overnight, we were thrilled with the way everything came out…and the judges agreed!  We ended up taking home 1st place chicken with a PERFECT PEFECT! That means all six judges judges gave us perfect scores, so even our “dropped lowest score” was still a perfect score. Ribs came in 3rd place with a 177.1544. Pork came in 9th with a 173.1316. And last but not least, brisket brought home 1st place with ANOTHER PERFECT SCORE!

That all added up to overall Grand Champions with a monster score of 710.2860!  KCBS gives special recognition to teams that score over 700 points, so we were also presented with a “700 Club” pin during the awards ceremony!

Photography by Megan Day and Doyle Hill