Extreme Bacon Bite ChallengePalms Hotel Casino, Las Vegas

Personal Appearance

Burnt Finger BBQ was invited to sunny Las Vegas to take part in the Extreme Bacon Bite Challenge at the Palms Casino Resort.  The event featured an assortment of chefs from all over the country who were each responsible for preparing two bacon themed dishes, one savory and one sweet.   Sample portions were then provided to the patrons of the event, as well as a panel of celebrity judges (including magician Lance Burton).

Our savory dish was a slow smoked Slab Bacon Porchetta served on toasted ciabatta bread with arugula, truffle aioli, and candied bacon crumbles.

Our sweet dish was an Elvis Bread Pudding.  Peanut butter, banana, and bacon bread pudding topped with an orange liqueur glaze.

The Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival’s “Extreme Bacon Bite Challenge” was an EXTREME bacon fellowship event that blew the minds of 400 lucky lard-lovers. The quirky celebration offered bacon-enthusiasts an assortment of bacon themed activities, including bacon-inspired bites prepared by participating chefs, a bacon-infused wedding ceremony by the United Church of Bacon, electronic dance music and EXTREME bacon fellowship.

Photography by Megan Day