Iron City Brewing CompanyTitle Sponsor


Burnt Finger BBQ partnered with Iron City Brewing Company for a 3-year campaign to help drive product awareness within the barbecue community.  As a Pittsburgh themed brand, Iron City beers are predominately known in the Northeastern parts of the United States.  Our sponsorship campaign coincided with a distribution partnership that was making the family of Iron City beers available across the Midwest states.  Burnt Finger BBQ was responsible for promoting Iron City Lager, IC Light, and Augustiner Amber Lager at all of our events throughout the 2010, 2011, and 2012 competition barbecue seasons.

Iron City Beer is a classic American lager established in the rich traditions of Pittsburgh, PA. Built on 150 years of brewing experience, Iron City Beer boasts scents of sweet corn and wheat, smooth crisp pale malt flavor, and a dry finish with very little bitterness.  Enjoy an Iron City Beer, and support the community and the hard-working people who call Pittsburgh home.

UPDATE: Iron City Brewing Company was acquired by a private equity firm who have changed the name of the company to Pittsburgh Brewing Company.  The Iron City brands live-on as individual product lines within an expanded PBC portfolio of products.