Racing for the BBQLee's Summit, MO

BBQ Contest

Gold Glove Brisket

Burnt Finger BBQ competed in the Racing for the BBQ contest in Lee’s Summit on July 30th. We haven’t been able to attend this event for a number of years, so we were excited to have this one on our 2016 schedule. The event benefits the Whatsoever Community Center, which is known for their boxing program. As such, the event’s trophies are boxing gloves and championship belts.

Friday afternoon was met with a little drama. During prep work we started to notice a burning small inside of our trailer. Not the typical burning smell you’d expect at a barbecue contest, but a hot electrical type burn. We immediately started rummaging through the trailer to figure out what was happening. Unable to find anything inside, I went outside to check the electrical inlet where the electricity enters the trailer. The receptacle and cord were both smoking hot and melting. I immediately shut off the power. Unfortunately the damage was already done, and both the inlet and cord were completely charred, melted, and unusable. Our neighbor just happened to be a electrician, and he said it was symptomatic of a faulty connection between the cord and inlet. We were lucky to catch it before a fire broke out.

Contest wise, we were able to put up a solid cook despite the electrical issues. Other than our ribs being slightly overcooked, we were VERY happy with everything we sent to the judges this weekend. We ended up walking away with awards for 10th place chicken and 3rd place brisket, which added up to 6th place overall in a stout field of 54 teams.

Photography by Megan Day