Smokin' in the VilleEdwardsville, KS

1st Place Brisket

It was another soggy weekend of barbecue for the Burnt Finger crew.  The “Little Fingers” were in tote with us for the Smokin’ in the Ville barbecue contest in Edwardsville, KS.  They were troopers considering the weather conditions.  Nothing like a movie marathon in the trailer on a cold rainy weekend!

We’re settling into our Cookshack Smokers quite nicely this season.  This week we also announced our sponsorship with BBQr’s Delight, manufacturer of the best wood pellets on the market.  We used their pecan and cherry pellets to cook up our 1st place brisket!!!  We also received awards for 7th place chicken and 8th place pork.  We just barely missed the top 10 with our 11th place ribs.  That all added up to 6th place overall!

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