BBQr's Delight Wood PelletsPartnering Sponsor

We are happy to welcome to BBQr’s Delight as an official sponsor of the Burnt Finger BBQ competition barbecue team.

BBQr’s Delight wood pellets are widely known as THE pellet among barbecue aficionados.  Made from compressed saw dust, pellets are an efficient and consistent medium for applying smoke flavor to foods. BBQr’s Delight pellet grill fuel is flavor-wood blended with oak to give a consistent, clean fire with plenty of great smoke flavor for your food.

Burnt Finger BBQ is thrilled to partner with a quality focused company like BBQr’s Delight.  Our cookers will be fueled by their line of premium smoking pellets as we compete on the professional barbecue circuit this season.

You can learn more about BBQr’s Delight by visiting their website or following their page on Facebook.

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