Burnt Finger Media Archive

Burnt Finger Media Archive

Jason Day

Welcome to the official media archive for Burnt Finger BBQ.  Here you will find an extensive listing of the video and print works that we've been a part of (or featured in).  Some of our favorite items are outlined in more detail over on our featured media page.

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Bacon Explosion Archive

Jason and Megan sampling Bacon Explosion at the 2009 product launch
Jason and Megan sampling Bacon Explosion at the 2009 product launch


The amount of media coverage the Bacon Explosion has received is absolutely mind blowing.  The recipe went full blown viral in an age of the internet where that wasn't a daily thing.  Our New York Times feature ended up being their second most read article in all of 2009, and at it's peak "Bacon Explosion" was the most Googled phrase for two straight days.  We've even been told by inside sources that the word "explosion" was hitting search engines so frequently that there were alarms going off at the FBI!

At the time of writing this article (Jan 11th, 2018), a Google search for Bacon Explosion produced 1.4 million results.  There is no way we can keep up with and organize all of the media surrounding our iconic porcine creation, so we've picked some of our favorite and more memorable features.  Enjoy!  


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