Cookshack FEC120 Pellet Smoker


Cookshack's proprietary IQ5 electronic time and temperature controller is easy to use and gives you consistent results with every load. 3-stage cycles of smoke, cook, and rest feature are standard on all commercial FEC models. When the smoke or cook cycle has finished, the controller drops automatically to the resting temperature of the product.
  • The FEC120's optional meat probe allows the user to specify a smoke or cook temperature. When the smoker reaches the desired temperature, the smoker automatically drops into a rest cycle.
  • Electronically-controlled temperature settings eliminate large heat fluctuations that dry and shrink meat. The Cookshack patented automatic wood pellet-fed system is operated by the IQ5 controller. The system knows when the smoker needs more fuel; you can go away and leave it to do its job without your attention.
  • Ventilation is required for the proper operation of Cookshack commercial smokers.  When planning your flue consider these factors: 
  • It must draw air naturally throughout the flue,
  • Clean the flue every six months,
  • One-inch clearance from combustible materials,
  • The flue should not have more than two ninety-degree elbows in it and be longer than thirty feet.