Burnt Finger BBQ competition bean recipe

Here it is!  The recipe for our famous pit beans that continually take us to the awards stage at the world's biggest BBQ contests.  

12th place 2019 American Royal World Series of BBQ
3rd place 2016 American Royal World Series of BBQ
9th place 2014 American Royal World Series of BBQ
3rd place 2012 American Royal World Series of BBQ
2nd place 2011 Great American BBQ
3rd place 2010 Great American BBQ



  1. Combine the beans, barbecue sauce, brown sugar and mustard in an 8×12 pan. Stir in the chopped barbecue meat.

  2. Place the pan in a 250 degree smoker underneath a cooking pork butt or brisket. Cook for 1 hour, then cover with aluminum foil and cook for an additional hour.

  3. Remove from pit and enjoy!
September 29, 2015 — Jason Day


Jeff King said:

Here’s my comment about your website….. I should not be reading your recipes and looking at the pictures, I am craving some BBQ at this point. Thank goodness I ordered some things today! Reading the article about Craig was really good, I grew up in the old church with my dad, watching Craig make the colaslaw, and his famous chili! Memories Memories Memories…..

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