Smoked chuck roast on a stick

These skewers take the humble beef chuck roast and transform it into tender, smoky bites of barbecue perfection. Succulent pieces of beef are seasoned with our World Championship barbecue rubs and then slowly smoked to achieve that irresistible smoky aroma and taste.

Try to find a chuck roast that is flat in shape. This will make the carving step much easier.  I am able to get about 14 strips of beef from a 4 pound roast. I save any odd-sized scraps to use in soups and stews later.  And when roasting the skewers, make sure your aluminum foil is crimped tightly around the pan to keep the steam and moisture sealed inside the pan.



  1. Pre-heat your smoker to 250 degrees F.

  2. Divide the Chuck Roast into equal sections trimming away excess fat and tough silver skin as you go. Cut those sections into strips of beef approximately an inch and a half wide by 3 inches tall.

    Raw Chuck Roast Skewers

  3. Place a skewer up through the center of the beef strip and season with your favorite barbecue rub combo, like Burnt Finger BBQ’s Steakhouse Grill Seasoning and Smokey KC Rub.

    Seasoned Chuck Roast Skewers

  4. Place skewers of meat on a rack in your smoker so air flows both under and over the meat. After one hour, turn meat half way and smoke one more hour.

  5. When the meat’s internal temperature reaches about 160 degrees F. it’s time to roast them.

  6. In a large foil pan place skewered meat and broth. Lay slices of butter on each meat strip and sprinkle liberty with brown sugar. Cover the pan in aluminum foil (sealing tight to trap steam) and place back on the smoker for one last hour. I look for an internal temperature of over 205 degrees F.

  7. Sauce your skewered meat with your favorite barbecue sauce. If you like a saucy dish, plate and serve as they are. If you want a more intense flavor, set sauced skewers back on the smoker for 5 to 10 minutes to caramelize and set the sauce.